London summer Shī’ī events

Over the summer months, between July and September, Prof. Chris Clohessy of PISAI took part in a number of co-ordinated events with a variety of Shī’ī groups in London. These included a book launch for his latest book, Angels Hastening. The Karbalā’ Dreams (2021) organised by the al-Khoei Foundation as part of their ongoing interfaith outreach in the city, as well as a series of ten recorded sessions for the first ten nights of Muharram with the London-based Ahlulbayt TV; each session dealt with an aspect of Shī’ī history or one of the events leading to the death of al-Husayn.

Prof. Clohessy also took part in two sessions with Imam Hussein TV – a biography of Grand Ayatullāh al-Sīstānī, being produced by Dr Sayed Ammar Nakshawani, and an interview with Imam Hussein TV detailing some of the aspects surrounding the Battle of Karbalā’, its context and the personalities involved on both sides of the conflict.


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