Father Piet Horsten, MAfr, passed away

Father Piet Horsten passed away on Saturday the 31st of March 2018 at Heythuysen (The Netherlands). Father Piet Horsten, born in 1936, member of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers), was a member of the teaching staff of PISAI and held the office of Chief Librarian. After completing his studies for the priesthood, he continued his training with studies in Ancient Greek and Latin at the University of Nijmegen (Netherlands), enriching this classical base, while he was preparing his doctorate, with the study of general linguistics and a theological approach to cultures and religions. His studies led him to develop a deeper interest in translation, especially the translation of the Bible from Greek into Latin and subsequently to a broader study of the relation between religions and languages. The PISAI’s Library is proud to keep the Horsten Special Collection in its assets. Academic Community and friends of PISAI pray for Fr. Piet.


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