New publication of Christopher Clohessy

The PISAI is very pleased to announce the publication, by faculty member Prof. Christopher Clohessy, of his book Angels Hastening. The Karbalā’ Dreams, Gorgias Press 2021.

This work follows Prof. Clohessy’s first two books, Fâṭima, Daughter of Muḥammad (2nd edition, 2018) and Half of My Heart. The Narratives of Zaynab, Daughter of ʻAlî (2018), both published by Gorgias Press.
The new book details the predictions of al-Ḥusayn’s death at Karbalā’, made in a variety of dreams, visions and angelic visitations to Muḥammad and to a number of the members of his household.

The PISAI congratulates Christopher Clohessy for his new important success.


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